Check it out bros, CHADGPT Airdrops and Whitelists!

3 min readMay 27, 2023


ChadGPT Website:
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IMPORTANT NOTE: ChadGPT will be a fair market launch and NOT an IDO.
$CHADGPT token will be launching on the Ethereum network Uniswap V2

From the team who brought you ETHforestAI, introducing ChadGPT! a memcoin token launching on the Ethereum network — Uniswap V2 as a memecoin with an interesting and fun utility!

The main vision of Web3 education still remains as the main objective for the ETHforestAI team, hence ChadGPT will also be using the same AI architecture with a “GIGACHAD-twist”!

In the Oxbull F5 framework, 20% of the raised IDO funds will only be released to the project each time upon the achievement of a pre-defined milestone. ETHforestAI has completed 3 milestones, unlocking 60% of the raised funds. Resulting in 40% of the raise untouched. Hence, the decision to utilize the remainder and the creation of ChadGPT!

In addition to the above, the team will also execute a token buy-back worth $20,000 USD to show appreciation for the loyalty and support of valued $ETHFAI holders. These bought-back tokens are to be distributed through an airdrop/ claim to those who qualified in the Reward Campaign.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ChadGPT will be a fair market launch and NOT an IDO.

$CHADGPT token will be launching on the Ethereum network Uniswap V2

Airdrop Reward Campaign

The more $ETHFAI you Stake by the 1st June, the more $CHADGPT you stand to receive!

For more info and cut-off dates, visit:
Stake here:
Check if you qualify here:

Whitelist Reward Campaign

Who would receive Whitelist Spots to purchase $CHADGPT during fairlaunch?

Whitelisted addresses will be able to access and buy $CHADGPT during launch under Bot-protection.

More details of the launch, listing and development to be released on official telegram channels. Do stay tuned!


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