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The cryptocurrency markets has long been known for its violent swings and ferocious price actions. With the inclusion of the recent revelations and incidents, this level of volatility is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Whilst Oxbull.Tech endeavors to always be on the search of credible projects, projects can also sometimes be hurt due to poor market conditions, panic investors or marketing. All even before the project had a chance to prove themselves!

As a launchpad, our intentions have never been to create a pump and dump project, but rather to create a nurturing environment to encourage growth of the project’s vision, and at the same time keep the community’s best interest at heart. Fortunately, we believe that both of these goals grow along the same path. If we were able to provide a peace of mind to our investors, unnecessary sell pressure could be alleviated, after which, benefiting the project to grow further with the boost in pricing and morale!

With that, We’re proud to share with the community, F5!

The F5 framework is essentially about relentlessly supporting projects with less than 5 people to grow from 0.5m FDV to 5M FDV valuation in 50 days with 5,000 fanatic community users through 5 keys milestones!

The F5 framework

Fantastic Five

As a team in the early stages of its development, it is in the team’s best interest to be as innovative, collaborative, and focused on growth. Whilst having a big team may help in achieving long term production goals, but these would only be apparent when there are proper hierarchy and established work processes in place. Such a huge team in the initial phase could potentially spell disaster as teams would be struggling from simple communication channel inefficiencies, lack of a unified team direction and general conflicting mode of operations. The scenario “I thought Team B was supposed to do this” comes to mind.

Simply put, having a small headcount enables the team to be concentrated and nimble while advocating individual accountability. The fast-paced, dynamic environment can be extremely exciting and would definitely provide many opportunities for the team to learn and build proper foundations.

First 5 Million

Creating a project of value is always the ultimate goal, and what better way to prove that than having a high valuation. Joining the ranks of a Unicorn and proving the worthiness of a project may seem like a dream come true, but the projects with insanely high valuation might bring up more red flags than good.

A hyped project with massive initial valuation may signal a low room for organic growth as it will be hard to maintain the level of performance to keep up with the rising valuation. Without a margin for error, projects may stumble into investor hostility and unhappiness when things don’t go according to plan.

A high valuation may also attract investors with money to spare, but not one that is genuinely concerned about the project growth. In otherwords, there are definitely Bad VCs out there. Hence F5’s proposed initial valuation of 0.5M FDV, letting the quality of the work speak for itself, in hopes of allowing organic growth to 5M FDV valuation.

Focused 50

A simple word. Urgency.

If an individual is given a deadline of 3 days to turn their work in, chances are that individual might fully utilize the 3 days for research or procrastinate until the last minute. We all know who we are. but on the other hand, If the same individual is only given 3 hours, the urgency is focused would be much more apparent.

With this, the objective of creating high intensity urgency of gaining traction and sustaining public engagement was conceptualized in hopes of promoting positive social engagement and product actualization.

Fanatic 5,000

Being part of a shared space provides the platform for people to be inspired, to help solve problems, share humor and achievements. Being a part of a healthy community can make it feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves.

With Oxbull’s current resources and community, we aim to provide the project with users since Day 0. Providing each projects the unique opportunity to learn from feedbacks, build the necessary clout and rapport. Ultimately allowing each projects to build their own community of at least 5,000 passionate and supportive members to share, reinforce and learn together.

Fulfilling 5

With all that is happening and developing, it is very easy for a project to lose sight of its progress and achievements. Having specific markers or reference points in a project when you have achieved something can be significant to stakeholders and the project members.

With that, Fulfilling 5 is a simple concrete metric of 5 deliverables to measure each project’s respective development. Apart from ensuring that projects are clear on what to deliver, it serves as a transparent checklist for the community as well as a unit of measure for project fund release.

Last but not least, Oxbull remains as passionate and excited for the space with transparency now being more important than ever. We believe this helps eliminate bad actors and provides an even better environment for builders to continue building.

Money has a price tag. Integrity is priceless.




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