Being Transparent with the Transparency Horn!

2 min readFeb 15


Transparency is one buzzword that people love to use when attempting to distinguish themselves from others. Time and time again, it is proven that people simply prefer other people whom they can rely on and trust. This is more evident in the current times, where pretty much every single thought and feeling can be made immediately available to the world thanks to the power of social media.

Of course, being transparent sounds easy, but it truly takes a collective effort to foster and maintain. Projects can learn a lot about the connection between accountability and transparency when the community becomes empowered to hold decision-makers accountable and speak out on things that matter.

Introducing the Transparency Horn

Being part of the complementary aspect of F5, the Transparency Horn aims to provide investors an experience akin to being part of the key stakeholders.

To find out more about what F5 is all about, read here.

Under the F5 Framework, All IDO funds raised for any one particular F5 project will be held by the Oxbull team. Following the framework of 5 key milestones outlined in the F5 framework, 20% of the raised IDO funds will only be released to the project each time upon the achievement of a pre-defined milestone.

Should a project fails to achieve a milestone or complete all pre-defined milestones within 50 days, a forum would be held amongst investors to reassess the situation, and come to a consensus on the next steps to take.

The Transparency Horn comes in every 10 days for the project team to provide investors with updates from project. The investors will then be able to use this opportunity to discuss about progress and come to a consensus on if any further critical actions should be focused or if IDO funds should even be withheld!

Having said that, with great power comes great responsibility, hence the Transparency Horn is not like any other AMAs. Whilst the community will be able to tune in on the session, the option to leave questions and feedbacks will only be made available to actual investors of the said IDO via the OXB Webpage. Sample as follows:

For further details of the Transparency Horn dates and links, stay tuned to the official Telegram here.