We’re all familiar with Memes.

Memes make the world go around, and fuels meme coin-rocketships to the moon.

But never has memes been able to further push utility and value in the DeFi world, until now.

Introducing the one and only DeFi meme platform, CATECOIN.

Following our earlier post on changes in Oxbull’s staking (Read here), the time has come for the implementation of Smart Staking.

What is Smart Staking?

If you’re not aware by now, OXB has been the utility token in the Oxbull ecosystem. Being a Reflection Token, OXB holders earn passive rewards through the redistribution of 2% fees across all transactions within the ecosystem. On the other hand, staking OXB enables you to participate in projects being launched on the launchpad. After 9 successful IDOs, and listening to the community, the team has noted that communities are conflicted at times whether to stake and earn APY…

So you have read our pitching posts , and you’ve done the necessary to be qualified for the IDO. Your next big question is..what do I do next?

Fret not, this guide should be able to guide you on the next steps.

Guide to Oxbull’s latest IDO structure and Smart Staking here.

Ensure that you’ve satisfy the criteria set out to qualify for the pre-sale, take a deep breath, relax, and wait for the arrival of the Pre-sale date and allocated time slot for your qualified tier. …

Human resource management is consists of a wide variety of tasks. With the core functions of staffing, development, compensation and collaboration/relationship management, the paperwork comes with the key activities are not something to belittle.

BlockTyme is an app designed for employers to help handle the paperwork of dozens to hundreds of employees. They serve as a one-stop platform for all things HR, from:

  • Hiring: Onboarding, application management, recruitment, screening and marketing
  • Payment: Payroll, contractor payment, Transaction overviews
  • Collaboration: Instant messaging, Notification and collaboration platform
  • Integration: Salesforce, Quickbooks and more.

BlockTyme aims to help you work faster and more efficient by…

Oxbull.Tech is now 2 months old!

As we make our way into April, our team is more than roaring to take the bulls by the horns and smash the roadmap planned for the 2nd Quarter of 2021.

Since the last update, we have further accomplished the following:

More IDOs!

In addition to our successful 4 IDOs in our first month, We have now successfully further launched 4 more IDOs! Namely:

Prepping and Incubating

Being fellow perfectionists, The Oxbull Team and the ever encouraging community had also supported and respected the decision of Uniping, another project to be further incubated and…

Due to legality issues and to ensure the long term continuity, brand distinctiveness and to avoid users from falling prey to the many PLU Scam contracts, PLUTUS has renamed to ALTURA NFT.

Gaming commonly relies on in-game items to level up, or increase your base statistics. In-game items are part of the fun and eventually serves as bragging rights amongst peers as you slowly build up your collection. However, in-game items are centralized, and not easily exchangeable. …

Tired of being too late to the IDO and missing out on fulfilling the required staking time?

Not enough OXB to stake?

🔥Introducing the Oxbull IDO Raffle, a lottery system that aims to provide OXB holders A CHANCE TO WIN!! ONE lucky winner will walk away with a TIER-2 SLOT of the IDO during the time of the draw.

Whilst providing a fun and fair approach irrespective of one’s holding capital, the raffle will also function as a deflationary mechanism for OXB tokens, further creating value and utility for the Oxbull token.

The Raffle Mechanism

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

To stand a chance…

The emerging DeFi space is etching an open doorway for regular hands to take part in formerly restricted areas of the financial market. An opportunity that, before now, was only available to legacy financial institutions. DeFi is essentially doing to the financial market what blogging and Amazon did to traditional publishing cartel.

RevoNetwork is designed to be a one-stop mobile DeFi & NFT marketplace ecosystem for users to have a full permission-less and decentralized crypto market experience. …

As the Blockchain revolution continues to churn, its potential now reaching further beyond the financial sector, into the gaming industry. Simply put, gamers have long been accustomed to tokenization, some of the earliest games featured applications of virtual currency. Games evolved and fused with the internet: Now, in-game gold and items can be purchased with real-life (fiat) currency or with the help of monetising in-game actions to enable players to power up and gain further advantage in game.

With the decentralized approach, games can be run completely from a blockchain, meaning that the developer cannot alter the game in any…

[Migration of the Oxbull farm complete!, head over to the new Oxbull Farm to check it out!]


Oxbull.Tech has been housing its OXB-OXB and OXB-BNB LP staking feature via Space Farm on the Space Cowboy webpage. To help align traffic and usability in regards to participating in Pre-sale and the necessary Staking requirements moving forward, we shall be relocating the aforementioned staking facilities back to Oxbull.Tech’s homepage.

This shift is currently planned to take place within the month of April. [Update: the migration is now completed. Please visit!]

SCB’s own OXB-SCB and NFT-SCB pool shall continue to remain on Space…


Charging the Future of Blockchains. https://www.oxbull.tech/#/home

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