At Oxbull.Tech, our aim has always to be Charging the Future of Blockchains.

Now, With Oxbull.Tech’s smooth IDO launch experiences and Solid Group’s Anti-bot technology.

The future of Blockchains just got SUPER-charged.

Tired of bots swooping in and snatching up the tokens before you could even paste the Contract Address of the next hot token? or are you Annoyed of the massive sell pressures generated by bot trading activity?

To learn more about the Solid Group’s proprietary Anti-bot approach, visit:
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E-sports is rapidly growing industry, with the global eSports market valued at just over 1.08 billion U.S. dollars. Whilst there are plenty of potential to explore, together there are also challenges to overcome.

Success in e-sports does not come easy. The very basis of competitive gaming is built on the foundation of being better than someone else. As players compete with millions to rise through the ranks, the field of competition gradually shrinks. And this is what separates the good from the great, the great from elite, and the elite from the legends.

Having said that, this system is difficult…

Britney Spears was put under conservatorship following her the perceived public breakdown in 2008. Following a year of seemingly erratic behavior, the singer was put under a “5150 hold” in a psychiatric hospital for a mental health evaluation.

At the time, her father petitioned courts for an emergency “temporary” conservatorship, alluding to the fact that his daughter was unable to properly care and manage herself amid her mental health struggles.

From there, Jamie was given the legal right to oversee and make decisions regarding Britney’s finances, health, business deals, and personal life which he managed up until 2019.

But earlier…

METASEER aims to be a fully integrated next generation decentralized trading platform that houses an innovative version of Binary Options with Traditional Vanilla options on a blockchain infrastructure. Apart from being fast on the blockchain, the Hybrid Options would also function on a much shorter time frame, providing users with fast paced Call/put actions with insurance features. In the future, METASEER will even integrate derivative assets from traditional finance such as S&P 500 (SPX), Dow Jones Industrial (DJI), Gold and Brent Crude Oil, FX majors and high caps Stocks.

With the rising interests generated in the Blockchain space, so has the electricity bill and power consumed. With Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index estimating that mining consumes the same level of power consumed by Malaysia, Sweden or Ukraine in a year.

To ensure a healthy and serene growth of the crypto-currency industry, the team decided to take matters into their own hands and surround themselves with the best industry practitioners to develop GreenFi, the first green DeFi crypto hub.

How GreenFi hopes to #makecryptogreen by 2025

First and foremost, The GreenFi team will be partnering up with ONETREEPLANTED, and pledging to the planting of a tree with…

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, working together is success. “

-Henry Ford

At Oxbull.Tech, we’ve always advocated being in it for the long run since we started into the Cryptocurrency space. As the famous saying goes, “ If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. Apart from expanding our line-up of IDOs, the team has also been hard at work to secure great partnerships along the journey of bringing quality and credibility into the Blockchain space.

Blocksync Ventures

The Dexfolio IDO to be rescheduled for 21st July for Tier-1 Contribution and listing subsequently on the 22nd July. This has been made in efforts to ensure the contract’s anti bot is further tested, as well as ramping up further marketing efforts.

Sporting memorabilias always captures the essence of a sport. Whether if it’s a wining goal, or the never say die attitude, or that celebratory cheer. It is a moment, frozen in time, eternalize in a form of a collectible. And the time has now come for these collectibles to expand themselves into the digital world.

The world has been captivated by NFTs, blockchain-based unique digital collectibles with a simple mantra: scarcity equals value. And the rarer the moment, the higher the value. Of course sports collectibles NFTs are not just restricted to moments but also includes graphics, pins, posters, highlights…

Oxbull.Tech was first started by a group of Computer Science Major and Tech Enthusiasts with an idea of introducing quality and credibility into the Blockchain space where progression and innovation is rapidly shaping the future to come. As an incubator and launchpad, Oxbull.Tech has since helped new quality projects kickstart their venture into the blockchain space via Initial DEX offerings(IDOs).

With the rising demand of credible projects, increasing production and a bigger community, Oxbull.Tech is now expanding to continue to be the driving force that brings about the next generation of Blockchain projects.

The team is currently looking for talents in the fields of:

  • Business Development
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Software Development
  • Media Producing
  • Community Moderation

And if you share the same vision of Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution, WE WANT YOU!

Application form:

Ever wondered how it’s like to be a Wizard? The chance is nigh and your journey starts now. WIZARD boasts a highly interactive and explorative game with magical secrets waiting to be discovered.

And the best part of it all? There is currently ALREADY a working level available!


Charging the Future of Blockchains.

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