Private Sale: Equinox (14th March)

4 min readMar 12, 2024


To buy Equinox, a digital ecosystem consisting of a launchpad and decentralized applications empowering users with opportunity:

Private Sale is currently available to Tier-1 holders and holders of the Private Sale Pass. To find out more info for the pass, read here.

1. Stake the minimum required OXB amount before the staking cut-off: 14th March 2024, 0001 UTC.

2. Head over to the Contribution page to buy on the 14th March 2024, 1000UTC onwards.

In view of the nature of the raise, the Private Sale is not protected by Oxbull Immunity.

For full details, read on:



Equinox started as a concept back in September 2021, aimed to foster a more equitable digital environment. Despite challenges in the cryptocurrency market, Equinox demonstrated resilience and community commitment. Their journey, marked by platform launches and expansions into gaming, prioritized innovation and ethical conduct. The Equinox Ecosystem, born amidst market fluctuations, weathered turbulent times by maintaining transparency and unwavering core engagements. From the inception of initial platforms to venturing into gaming and beyond, each step has been driven by a dedication to innovation and ethical practices.

Today, Equinox focuses on transforming the gaming landscape by integrating gamers, creators, and projects into a blockchain ecosystem. Their goal is to revolutionize access to emerging Web3 gaming ventures, fostering a collaborative platform where participants contribute and benefit mutually.

Within the Equinox Ecosystem, we envisioned a seamless convergence of gamers, creators, investors, and gaming projects.

To learn more about the project, visit here.


The intrinsic value of the $NOX token primarily stems from its function in granting tiered access to the growing range of offerings within the Equinox Ecosystem through staking. Future enhancements currently under consideration include exclusive access to alpha groups, use of guild assets, and opportunities to join the Sentinel of Equinox program for aspiring content creators.

Total Supply: 100,000,000

  • Decentralized Exchange: 10%
  • Celestial Collection NFT Holders: 11.75%
  • OG Community Round: 5.39%
  • OG Community Round Burn: 1.61%
  • Community Round: 19%
  • Public Round: 34.50%
  • Rewards: 17.75%

Participating in the Private Sale

IMPORTANT: Private Sale is currently only available to Tier-1 holders and holders of the Private Sale Pass. To find out more info for the pass, read here.

For further Vesting and Pricing info, refer to the Oxbull Calendar here.

In view of the nature of the raise, the Private Sale is not protected by Oxbull Immunity.

Qualifying Deadline: Stake OXB by 14th March 2024, 0001UTC
Tier 1 Contribution: 14th March, 1000 UTC — 15th March, 1000 UTC
Tier 2 Contribution(with Private Sale Pass): 14th March, 1000 UTC — 15th March, 1000 UTC
Tier 3 Contribution FCFS (with Private Sale Pass) : 15th March, 1100 UTC — 1130 UTC
Tier-3 Whitelist Link: under #Private Sale (14th Mar)

For Contribution, head over to:
To find out how to contribute, read
Please be advised that contribution will be conducted in USDT (on BNB Chain).

Claiming the Tokens:

Upon TGE, token claims can be claimed at the Oxbull Homepage.
Any unclaimed tokens will be accumulated for future claims.
Please follow the official Oxbull telegram group for further details of the claim time and changes, if any.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Qualification of all Tiers will require STAKING. In the event where an Investor who has not Staked but has the required number of holdings SHALL NOT be eligible for the aforementioned tiers.

Staked holdings are required to be maintained until project listing. Any dips below the required holding amount will DISQUALIFY the investor for the project being launched at the time even if the investor has already contributed. No IDO Tokens will be provided and No Refunds will be made.

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction. Meaning if an address is qualified for tier 1, they will not be qualified for tier 2.


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