Valuable Partnerships: Resonating Impacts

At Oxbull.Tech, we’ve always advocated being in it for the long run.

“ If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”.

Apart from just IDOs, the team have also been expanding our presence and great partnerships go a long way in our journey of bringing quality and credibility into the Blockchain space.

Asteroid Capital

Resonating with Asteroid Capital’s aim to be long term investors in the digital asset industry and a vision to invest in prominent projects that we believe in within the digital asset space. We are long term investors in the digital asset industry with a hands-on approach.

Asteroid Capital has a hands-on approach with long term Funding as their core service, whilst also providing marketing services, professional networking, and industry knowledge that’s key for success.

To learn more about Asteroid Capital and their services available, visit:


LaunchZone has been one of the most integrated ecosystems on Binance Smart Chain that we’ve seen so far. LaunchZone has been working hard to bring utilities to other blockchains and create more economic opportunities for all their users.

Resonating with LaunchZone’s Keep BUIDLing approach, the partnership shall help hosted new projects attain successful launches, raise awareness among quality crypto investors, build active supportive communities, and to ensure long-term development for the projects.

To learn more about LaunchZone and their services available, visit:


METASEER is the world’s first Hybrid Options Market that encompasses Innovative Insurance Features and Platform as a Service Partnership Ecosystem.

Resonating with METASEER’s knack for innovation, With this partnership, the projects that are launching or have launched on Oxbull.Tech will have the opportunity of adding instant new utility to their native tokens as a base trading currency on METASEER’s Hybrid Options platform. As such, the holders of these native tokens will have 2 new ways to utilize their tokens and even potentially grow their holdings.

1. By contributing to Maker Pool liquidity in their native tokens, users will pooled liquidity to become of Market Maker on native token based trades and insurance function.

2. Users can also use native tokens to trade trading Hybrid Options on METASEER to grow their portfolio.

This in turn also helps to reduce selloff pressures on project tokens. Both Oxbull.Tech and METASEER will also be contributing network and resources to add more partners to both our ecosystems organically.

Note on insurance function: The METAS Insurance Function serves to allows a trader to pay METAS to intervene in a trade and retrieve their premium paid for the 5-minute option. It is NOT as a means of compensation on trades and is an advanced feature only available to traders who have topped up their METAS wallet.

For further details:

To learn more about METASEER and their services available, visit:


Our content is intended to be used as information and education purposes only. It is very essential to do your own research and analysis before doing any investment decision or otherwise. Do Your Own Research.

Information is accurate at time of writing and can be subject to change.

Oxbull.Tech shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damages and/or expenses and/or any losses you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information.

Any further arrangements between you and any third parties contacted via the Website/Affiliated links are at your sole risk.




Charging the Future of Blockchains.

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Charging the Future of Blockchains.

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