Tracking Unicorns with Uniping

What is Uniping?

Uniping is an Automated Market Maker(AMM) driven Decentralized Exchange tooling service with armed with live data and key trading metrics, aiming to cater to the rising demands of data analysis.

Uniping’s approach

Streamlining trading data flow across decentralized exchanges

Whilst providing a “complimentary” indexing Application Programming Interface(API) with the necessary basic functionalities, the Uniping platform strives with an innovative roadmap for the future, with added subscribed features such as:

In addition to the web-app, Uniping shall also be building a user-intuitive and responsive mobile app with similar key design principals whilst maintaining the key data metrics as an extension of the web-app’s utility.

Uniping’s Visual Roadmap available here.

Native Token: UPING

UPING shall serve as the Tooling Service’s main token in defining the subscription sub-categories across the platform, with Pricing models due for voting considerations at a later stage of time. On initial release, subscription tier restrictions shall not be enforced until a certain milestone has been achieved. Communications prior to the enforcement of restrictions shall be practiced.

With Oxbull.Tech’s assistance, Uniping aims to raise 1,200 BNB.


Uniping’s total token supply: 10,000,000 UPING

  • Presale: 3,000,000
  • Liquidity: 2,500,000
  • Burns + redistributions: 1,550,000
  • Future listing liquidity: 1,500,000
  • Development fund: 500,000
  • Marketing: 475,000
  • Team tokens: 475,000


  • Development fund will be locked for two months.
  • Team tokens will be locked for six months.

IDO Approach on Oxbull.Tech

Uniping Presale price: ~USD 0.10 per Token

Uniping Listing price: ~USD 0.125 per Token

Listing on the 28th March, 1500 UTC

With an updated approach to Oxbull.Tech’s IDO model, Pre-sale would be categorized only into 2 groups:

Tier 1: Guaranteed

For a Guaranteed participation of the UPING IDO, Investors would be required to already be STAKING THE EITHER before 0000 Coordinated Universal Time(UTC), 25th March 2021:

  • OXB/BNB LiquidityPool with more than 4,000 OXB staked continuously prior to project launch


  • OXB-OXB farm with more than 8,000 OXB staked continuously prior to project launch

Will have 9 hours guaranteed buying time on the 27th March 1500 UTC onwards.

Contributions will be minimum 1BNB, Max 4 BNB per address.

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

Tier 2: Whitelisting

Investors currently STAKING a minimum of 4,000 OXB in the OXB/OXB farm prior to listing to be qualified for the Whitelist lottery.

Qualified investors shall have buying time on the 28th March 2021 between 1300–1400 UTC on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (FCFS) basis.

Contributions will be minimum 0.5 BNB, Max 2 BNB per address

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

Uniping’s Whitepaper available here.

To find out more about Uniping, visit:


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