The Oxbull Refreshed Look

It is said that bear markets are actually good for healthy, organic growth in the crypto industry, as they remove hype-driven speculators and scammers whilst providing space to build real and great products. According to a Cointelegraph interview, previous bear markets have spawned many pivotal projects including the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which was formulated during the bear market of 2015.

The Oxbull team are also firm believers that turbulence is healthy and it is a trial by fire necessity to fan the flames of the next bull run. With that being said, the team have also been hard at work with building up new visions and infrastructures.

Starting with A Brand New Branding

With the newer, sleeker version of the Oxbull logo, the team hopes to advocate:
- The Color Green, the color of growth which signifies the maintained bullish outlook in the future of this space.
- The 2-tone Letter “X”, combining an arrow to the right “>” to demonstrate Oxbull’s renewed values of Relentless Execution and the Passion of Progression.
- The embedded alphabet/number “3” in OX3ULL, illustrating the teams continued vision and faith in Blockchain and Web3.

Good day/bad day, we continue to build.

- Ushi

More updates to come. Stay tuned!



Charging the Future of Blockchains.

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