Rounding-Up the Bulls. An Oxbull Recap(May & June)

Oxbull.Tech is now 4 months old!

The team’s drive for Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution has continuously fueled our journey through countless sleep-deprived nights and days of adrenaline pumping, head scratching, pulse racing moments. The conviction of building in the fast paced DeFi space is no small feat. — being in the top 10 as a launchpad(#2 in BSC) and 1 out of 5 launchpads (the only one with IDO experience and track records) to catch the train of Solana summer.

Much More IDOs!

adding to the count of 8 IDOs in our first 2 months, We have now fully smashed our original road map and have successfully further launched an additional 6 (plus our very own expansion! more on that below) IDOs! Namely:

  • Altura NFT: A cross-chain applicator aiming to introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency into the gaming equation, offering ways to create NFTs/tokens that can be used across multiple video games, and various platforms, capable of dynamic properties.
  • Blocktyme: A one-stop blockchain platform for Human Resource(HR) management.
  • Catecoin: A Meme coin with a DeFi meme platform that provides Catecoin holders the utility to create memes, earn via content farming and interact with likeminded individuals.
  • FantasyTurf: A blockchain based P2P fantasy e-sports platform.
  • HOPPY: A going-green initiative which aims to generate awareness to the ongoing climate issues whilst building an enthusiastic community in efforts to contribute back to the environment.
  • Moonkat: A Project designed to promote equality and to curb hyperinflation.

Brand New Concepts

Whilst previously requiring users to Oxbull’s users to stake their OXB to earn staking rewards and to qualify for IDOs, we’ve listened to the communities and noted that users are conflicted at times whether to stake and earn APY, or hold in the wallet and enjoy the reflection rewards.

A new approach was developed which capitalized on OXB’s reflective nature, Smart Staking! Where OXB users need to only hold OXB in their wallets to be qualified for IDOs while earning the juicy reflection rewards.

The team also unveiled a “Time-lock farm” to cater for interested late investors who missed the required Smart Staking time but who are still keen to participate. The Time Lock Farm is designed to lock the funds for 7 days with no APR to maintain fairness to users who have already been smart staking the required amount.

Oxbull.Tech’s Solana Expansion

Since Oxbull.Tech’s launch on the 22nd February 2022, the total market capacity has grown by a further 100 billion USD at the very least. We’ve always advocated being it in for the long run, we’ve further set our sights on driving the next generation of Blockchain projects with our expansion of the Launchpad into Solana.

Planning the expansion was no easy task, as Solana is a brand new ecosystem which may present challenges to users who have been familiar with existing Binance Smart Chain infrastructures. The team had gone through lengths to explore the protocol and created guides in effort to help the community expand their crypto-horizons.

Crisis Management

Change is never easy, on the day of the Solana expansion, the Oxbull.Tech team were faced with multiple challenges, such as:

  • Unlinked /Inaccurate Solana wallet addresses
  • Solana usage queries, Raydium UI errors
  • Bugs on Solana’s deployment contract
  • Bot actions/fraudulent behavior from scammers

The challenges grew even harsher during the Moonkat launch, there were:

  • Multiple scam contracts
  • Various scam TG groups
  • Fake twitters accounts trying to impersonate OXB and Moonkat followed with our very own Twitter being compromised
  • An alarming 50 bots ready to aim at contract

It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of effort, but we’re glad that we pulled through. Lessons were learnt and we live to fight another day.

Growing Team, Growing Community

The Oxbull family is still growing strong!

After being in the space for 3 months, we now have 25k Twitter followers and approximately 14k Telegram members! We look forward to the further expansion of our community and family!

On the other hand, our team has also further expanded now that we’ve got ourselves 2 additional team members in the Business Development and Media Production aspect of the operation. In addition to that, We are glad to have partnered ourselves up our Media Partners, R8 Capital.

In addition to that, we also welcome X21 and OIG on board to support our future endeavors and expansions. We are confident that with the experience of X21 and OIG in advising major blockchain projects, Oxbull will get access to extended network of quality projects and talents in the blockchain space.

WE ARE ALSO HIRING! If you share the same sentiments for Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution, We’re currently looking for:

- Front/back end developers

- media producers

- mods

Interested? Drop OxUshi a Telegram DM/Email us with your Resume and why you would like to work with us. Please do note that applicants will be subject to a probationary period before being confirmed and compensated.

As the saying of Impermanence goes, “The Only Thing Constant is Change”, although it was challenging, but we’re proud to know that like us, the community never settles for complacency, and that we were able to expand further with the community’s support in the journey of Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution.

Charging the Future of Blockchains.