Rounding up the Bulls: An Oxbull Recap (July- Aug)

As we move into the 2nd half of 2021, the Cryptocurrency space has been rocky to say the least. In July, whilst there’s Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt being in most of the headlines, and about $1.5 billion worth of shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) hitting the market, the markets waited on bated breath if it would spell doom or a further opportunities in the horizon for the cryptocurrency space. In August, we started to see volatility as the total market cap reclaimed 2 trillion again and the next big thing in the crypto space, NFT Gaming. One thing’s for sure, the work does not stop and the Oxbull team will continue to work hard to bring value into the space.

Much More IDOs!

July and August has been packed with IDOs, the team has released a whopping 11 projects! Namely:

  • LunarSwap: A Decentralized Exchange with professional trading functionality such as Buy/Sell Orders, Stop/Loss, in addition to Autofarming for BNB.
  • PolkaDoge: A one stop solution, all-in-one Multichain marketplace for NFTs.
  • BlackSwan: A large decentralized insurance/ Hedge against market volatility by incentivizing market liquidity during times of uncertainty.
  • Footie+: Community driven NFT Marketplace that provides key focus on everything-football with additional sporting initiatives.
  • Wizard: A combination of Crypto, games, rewards, NFT marketplace and a community driven governance on game development!
  • GreenFi: An environmental conscious driven crypto project aiming to help the cryptocurrency space decarbonize activity and to facilitate the planting of more trees.
  • Dexfolio: The best mobile-oriented portfolio tracking app built from scratch to track Decentralized Exchanges(DEXs) like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at the tip of your fingers
  • Metaseer: Our very first Solana IDO! A fully integrated next generation decentralized trading platform that houses an innovative version of Binary Options with Traditional Vanilla options on a blockchain infrastructure.
  • Polyplay: The next Generation E-Sports tournament gold standard.
  • Alpha Kombat: A blockchain based combat game that aims to provide a platform for global scale tournaments with sizeable rewards
  • 1Doge: The very next doge aiming to attain the much eluded $1! Geared with NFT gaming.

Moving forward: New ideas and concepts.

OXS and IDOs

OXS has been well surrounded with interests. However, as Solana is more geared towards developers and builders, it attracts different types of projects to the chain and the volume is much different compared to the fast paced projects in BSC today. In view of the very nature of Solana, an IDO seeking project’s very own technical understanding of the Solana infrastructure and attitude is key whilst undergoing screening.

Whilst Oxbull.Tech continues to insist on quality of quantity, the community interest must also be considered. After hearing from the voices of the community and deliberating further, the team has now decided that OXS shall now be redesigned as a token for Cross Chain IDOs. Off the bat, serving as bridges to projects on Ethereum will be the main focal point at this juncture. Bridge developments are currently in the planning and Oxbull will formally route all Ethereum projects via OXS. Who knows? the team may even plan for further bridges in the future. ETH, MATIC, DOT, and OKEX?

In addition to that, We’re pleased to also share that OXS staking is currently in testing. Staking is currently planned to be released in another 30 days.

The staking will be a key approach to the revamped Tiering structure. Further details of the new OXS IDO approach and tier structure will be released.

IDO Launches:

With the current market sentiment and an increased in bot attacks during launch, The Oxbull team has collaborated with Solid on Anti-Bots.

After listening to the community and the recent experience with launches, all future projects would also be directed with an emphasis on Bot prevention, ie: Address blacklisting, trading pauses, transaction limit and a taxation system on each transaction.

In addition to the above, Oxbull would also be taking on additional focus into driving IDO project marketing. Details of the approach would be discussed on a case-by-case basis with subsequent project owners.


SCB has also been undergoing changes of it’s own! Now embarking on a journey to fully utilize and realize the NFT characters development via NFT Gaming.

Read more about it here.

As the saying of Impermanence goes, “The Only Thing Constant is Change”, although it was challenging, but we’re proud to know that like us, the community never settles for complacency, and that we were able to expand further with the community’s support in the journey of Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution.



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