Revisiting The OXB Token and Staking

OXB Token Migration

In a few moments, OXB shall no longer be a reflection token. Instead, a 2% Tax shall be in place for all Buy & Sell transactions which will be utilized as:

  • 1% for Staking Pool (more on this later)
  • 1% for Development Fund

OXB v2 Tokenomics

With the above changes, the new Tokenomics will be:

  • Circulation/Holders : 71%,
  • Staking Pool Rewards: 10%
  • Pancakeswap Liquidity: 7%
  • Liquidity for Potential Listing: 6% (Locked)
  • Team Token: 4% (Locked)
  • Burn: 2%

How to Upgrade your existing OXB Token?

To ease fear of not being the first mover, and also to discourage any unnecessary attempts at arbitraging, ALL CURRENT OXB BALANCE WOULD HAVE ARLEADY BEEN SNAPSHOTTED. All existing OXB v1 holders and LP holders are advised not make further trades during the current period, and would only need to visit to convert their existing OXB v1 tokens into v2.


Revisiting Staking

Following the circumstances listed above and in view of the changes in the OXB token characteristics, the team shall be reintroducing staking as a method for users to yield higher returns and to qualify for IDOs.

The staking feature will be providing an APR of 10%

The qualifying amounts of OXB v2 to be staked shall be as per:

Oxbull’s Vision

With the above changes, the team hopes to foster a more nurturing community with far-sights instead of speculative hype-driven pump and dumps. The team has always strived to be community-driven, trustworthy and aims to further create a platform that rewards patience, kindness to one and another, and as the ultimate path onto further Web3 greatness.

At Oxbull, we’re always in it for the long run.




Charging the Future of Blockchains.

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