OXS: Stepping into the Metaverse with MetaBrands [Updated Contribution time]


To Buy MetaBrands,an ERC-20 governance and utility token for the MetaBrands ecosystem:

1. Stake OXS into the NEW Staking pool.

2. head over to the OXS pool page to contribute on the 6th December, 1630 UTC onwards.

For full details, read on:


Website: https://metabrands.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaBrandsio
Discord: https://discord.gg/metabrands
Telegram: https://t.me/MetaBrands
Telegram(announcement): https://t.me/MetaBrandsAnn
Medium: https://metabrandsio.medium.com

“See, the world is full of things more powerful than us. But if you know how to catch a ride, you can go places…” — Neal Stephenson

MetaBrands.io was created to provide a reliable transport vessel directly into the Metaverse for those brave enough to experience it firsthand, without having to read the comprehensive, non-existent user manual. The fully Doxxed team envisions working together towards the common good as one of the best ways to create a positive social impact, both in the digital world and the physical world.

As advocates of freedom, through blockchain and decentralized technology, the team aims to not only onboard people, but also unite all types of entities in the Metaverse that include players, participants, developers, organizations, and all brands alike. Creating a thriving Metaverse Resource DAO that allows instant exposure to the top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies.

Earn with MetaBrands

The MAGE utility token is equipped to better withstand market volatility, due to the unique tokenomics model, asset diversification, and exposure in play-to-earn environments. These assets are generating yield in direct correlation to the expanding playerbase throughout the rapidly evolving metaverse. This provides MetaBrands with monthly resources that are used to purchase MAGE utility tokens off the public market and airdrop them to eligible NFT owner.

The current Revenue Models can be summarized as follows:

  • Play-to-Earn Gaming Models
  • NFT Primary & Secondary Sales
  • Asset Rental in the Metaverse
  • Game & Project Incubation
  • MetaBrands NFTs & Games
  • E-Sports & Tournaments
  • Media Coverage & Sponsorships Fees
  • Other Service Fees

For further understanding of the business mode, refer to the whitepaper here.


MAGE is the ERC-20 governance and utility token for the MetaBrands ecosystem.

MAGE can be earned via monthly Airdrops, liquidity mining, and additional community initiatives to be announced subsequently. Holders of this token will also be able to creating proposals and vote in the DAO.

MAGE can be used for:

  1. NFT Minting: used to mint NFT Relics, Heroes, and more
  2. Yield: airdropped on a monthly basis in MAGE utility tokens
  3. Payments: trade and use as a liquid cryptocurrency asset
  4. Governance: voting and creating proposals
  5. Liquidity Mining: earns yield for adding to liquidity pool
  6. Whitelisting: for internal and external events
  7. Discounts: on NFT purchases using the MAGE utility token

Total MAGE Supply: 100,000,000

  • Seed: 8%, 15% to be released during Token Generation, followed by 10% monthly and 5% during the final month
  • Private: 14%, 18% to be released during Token Generation, followed by 12% monthly and 10% during the final month
  • IDO: 3%, 20% to be released during Token Generation, followed by 20% monthly
  • Liquidity: 2%
  • LP Incentives: 20%, 5 year Linear Lock
  • Treasury: 20%
  • Community Growth: 15%
  • DAO Operations: 5%
  • Foundation: 5%, Locked for 2 years, followed by a monthly 8.33% release
  • Advisors and Partners: 8%, Locked for 1 year, followed by a monthly 50% release

IDO Price: $0.10
Listing Price: $0.15

Listing date is currently being finalized in December, timing to be confirmed

To participate in IDO, you need to stake OXS into the new Staking Pool. Tier participation details are as follows:

Tier-1 and 2 Qualifying Deadline: Stake by 6th December, 0001UTC
Tier-1 Contribution: 6th December 2021
Tier-2 and 3 Contribution: 7th December 2021
Tier-3 Gleam Link: https://gleam.io/Fcm5M/oxs-whitelist-metabrands
Contribution opens here:https://www.oxbull.tech/#/oxs-side-pool


For the Oxbull team to establish a link between your Solana and BSC wallet address, Users will be required to update their BSC address on the Solana-BSC Link page as soon as possible to receive ERC-20 Tokens after Token Generation. IMPORTANT NOTE: your BSC Wallet address should be the same as your receiving Ethereum Wallet.

Connect your Solana wallet:

Copy down the BSC Wallet address and Paste it onto the Solana-BSC Link:

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please ensure that BSC Address is accurate and the same as your Ethereum Wallet address as the ERC-20 Tokens will be credited to this address. Linking any other address apart from a valid Ethereum address may result in loss of Tokens.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Qualification of Tier-1 and 2 will require STAKING. In the event where an Investor who has not Staked but has the required number of holdings SHALL NOT be eligible for the aforementioned tiers.

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction. Meaning if an address is qualified for tier 1, they will not be qualified for tier 2.


Our content is intended to be used as information and education purposes only. It is very essential to do your own research and analysis before doing any investment decision or otherwise. Do Your Own Research.

Information is accurate at time of writing and can be subject to change.

Oxbull.Tech shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damages and/or expenses and/or any losses you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information.

Any further arrangements between you and any third parties contacted via the Website/Affiliated links are at your sole risk.




Charging the Future of Blockchains. https://www.oxbull.tech/#/home

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Charging the Future of Blockchains. https://www.oxbull.tech/#/home

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