Oxbull Turns 3! OXBurn Event!

2 min readFeb 21, 2024

We’re turning 3 years old today! To celebrate this milestone, Oxbull will be hosting a burn event called OXBurn!

For this event, the team will be introducing “Bull Points” that can be accumulated via:

  1. The staking duration of each OXB stakers respectively, where
    depending on the tiers staked, each day staked =
    - Tier — 1: 0.03 Bull Points
    - Tier — 2: 0.02 Bull Points
    - Tier — 3: 0.01 Bull Points
    To give you an idea, as at 21st February 2024, 1200UTC, there’s 11,974 Bull Points accumulated!
  2. Participate in Bull Raids
    Keep a look for tweet with the hashtag, #oxbbullpoints posted by the Official Oxbull Twitter account, like and retweet those posts cause each like and retweet will contribute to 1 Bull Point each!
  3. Follow Oxbull’s new social media accounts
    Every Oxbull Instagram follower = 1 Bull Point
    Every Oxbull Tik Tok follower= 1 Bull Point

You can check the accumulated Bull Points on the Oxbull Home Page, which is updated daily at approximately 1200 UTC.

Finally, the Oxbull team will be applying a multiplier factor (Multiplier to be announced) to the total Bull Points after the 6th March 2024, 0001 UTC to determine the amount of OXB to burn.

The higher the bull points, the more we burn! Stay tuned!




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