Oxbull Turns 2! Celebratory NFT Event!

1 min readFeb 25


Introducing Oxbull Year 2 NFT: 2 INFINITY & BEYOND!

The Oxbull team will be releasing a series of commemorative NFTs to celebrate the milestone and journey with our very own #OxGang the past 2 years.

Following Oxbull’s latest forray into Arbitrum, the NFT minting event will also be conducted on the ARB network. For all interested parties, please do ensure that you will have USDC and WETH for gas fee.

NFT Name: Oxbull Year 2 NFT: 2 Infinity & Beyond
Who are eligible: Both Tier 1 & 2 of OXB and KWAI investors are whitelisted. Public who are interested will need to complete Crew3 SPRINT Quests before the 27th February 0001UTC to be whitelisted.
Public Crew3 Whitelist Link: https://crew3.xyz/c/oxbulltechofficial/questboard?view=sprint
Contribution Window: 27th February 2023 @ 1200–1230 UTC
NFT Price: 2 USDC
Minting Window: 27th February 2023 @ 1500UTC

Whilst all successful contribution will secure an NFT, there will be a limited run of Special Edition NFTs amongst all the common commemorative NFTs. The key to minting these special edition NFTs? SPEED. ONLY the first few mints will contain the Special Edition NFT! Investors who have minted the Special Edition NFTs will receive 50x of the NFT price contributed, ie: 100 USDC, airdropped to their contributing wallet.