Oxbull.Tech’s Next Supported Start-Up: Jiggly Finance

2 min readMar 11, 2021

Jiggly Finance is a Decentralized Exchange(DEX) and Yield Farm.

The Jiggly Finance team has suffered their fair share of Rug pulls and now endeavors to create a trustworthy environment for users to yield farm instead. Oxbull.Tech believes that the Yield Farms space are currently generating a lot of interest on BSC. But with the recent Rugpull scams on HoneySwap.fi and Meerkat Finance, credible Yield Farms are sparse.

Resonating with the idea of creating a clean and credible platform where users feel safe, Oxbull.Tech is excited to support the team in their foray into the Yield Farming space.

Who is Jiggly Finance?

The team consists of 4 likeminded individuals with a variety of skillsets. With a passion to establish credibility, they’ve further self-funded the Solidity Audit, an intensive audit of the Smart contract which has returned no possibility of exploit found. A copy of the audit is available here.

Inspired by Goose.Finance, the team hopes to emulate the success and contribute back to the space whilst aiming to become the next go-to Decentralized IDO platform.

The team now aims to raise 350 BNB to sustain the development team.

Oxbull.Tech’s Approach and IDO Methodology

Oxbull.Tech will be doing the listing procedure, and will do the timelock of the LP token and subsequently manage the Pre-sale allocated BNB.

Jiggly Finance’s IDO requirements are as follows:

All stakes to be done on Space Cowboy.

Twitter Whitelisting Lottery will require Investors to:

  1. Retweet this
  2. tag 3 valid Twitter accounts
  3. Fill up the whitelist form
  4. Be present in Oxbull.Tech’s Telegram group on the 14th March 2021 @1200 UTC.

For more information of the Jiggly Finance team, do visit them at:


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