Oxbull.Tech’s New Expansion into Solana

The cryptocurrency market has greatly evolved and transformed in the past few months. New All Time Price and Volume highs are generating even more attention and hype to the blockchain space, but at the same time thrusting the flaws and shortcomings into the spotlight.

Blockchain Scalability has always been a stumbling block(ironically) for mass global adoption. With 1st and 2nd Gen blockchain tied down with slow network processing speed in addition to the skyrocketing transaction fees, new 3rd generation blockchains like Solana have already been making phenomenal progress, capable of process thousands of transactions per second. For example, while Bitcoin can process just 4.6 transactions a second (TPS), the Solana blockchain is already boasting a TPS of over 65,000 and 400ms block times. Extremely fast transaction times with extremely low transaction prices(Approximately $0.00025 per transaction currently), an overall win for the community.

Instead of a proof-of-stake (PoS) or proof-of-work (PoW) concept, Solana also adopts a different proof-of-history consensus which works by encoding timestamps into messages and transactions, enabling users to create historical records that prove exactly when data is added to the blockchain. These tokenization of data will definitely create more interesting use cases and features in due time.

At Oxbull.Tech, we’ve always advocated being it in for the long run. And with Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution, we’re continuing our aim to help drive the next generation of Blockchain projects with our expansion of the Launchpad into Solana.

Native Token: OXS

Oxbull.Tech shall continue to be a Launchpad in Solana. OXS will be the native token utilized on the Solana Mainnet in a similar fashion as OXB.

OXS will not dilute OXB as there will be additional resources and members deployed. OXS will only be used for IDOs on Solana.

Tentative OXS’s IDO tier structure would be:

  • Tier 1: 10,000OXS
  • Tier 2: 2,000 OXS — 6,000 OXS
  • Tier 3: To be determined.

Details and further workings of the IDO tiers to be released further.

Tokenomics [UPDATED]

Total Supply: 50 Million OXS

  • Ecosystem: 12.5 Million OXS, Locked
  • Liquidity: 10 Million OXS, Locked
  • BSC Tier 1 & 2 Airdrop: 6.5 Million OXS, Locked for 15 days, 1% to be claimable every day subsequently
  • Presale: 6 Million OXS, 75% to be released during Token generation, remaining 25% to be released after 30 days
  • Partnership and Advisory: 5 Million OXS, Locked for 3 months, to be released 10% every month subsequently
  • Marketing: 5 Million OXS, Locked for 1 month, to be released 10% every month subsequently
  • Operation and Development: 2.5 Million OXS, Locked for 1 month, to be released 10% every month subsequently
  • Team Fund: 2.5 Million OXS, Locked for 3 months, to be released 10% every month subsequently

STEP 1: Getting started with Solana

New to the Solana Blockchain? Not to worry, there’s a few ways to get started.

Creating a new Solana Wallet

To be enabled to participate in future IDOs on Solana: First, get a Solana Wallet. As future listing shall be done on Raydium(Basically PancakeSwap for Solana) there are currently a handful of wallets compatible with the Dapp:

Sollet is one of the most common and easy to use Solana wallet at the moment. To create a Sollet wallet, simply visit https://www.sollet.io/ and you’ll be presented with the following:

Please do store the seed phase as how you normally will, Click on “I have saved these words in a safe place” -> Continue ->follow further on screen instructions to include a password and you’re all set up with your new Sollet. Sollet is currently a web-based extension, hence there’s no further requirement to download or install any extensions, mobile(Chrome) and PC usage would be fairly similar, with wallet approvals coming in the form of pop-ups/new windows. PC Users may also opt to install a browser extension for Sollet(this is purely optional).

STEP 2: Maintaining SOL in your Solana wallet

Similar to ETH on the Ethereum network, and BNB on the Binance Smart Chain, SOL is required on the Solana Mainnet to be utilized as gas for all transactions.

SOL is currently available on major Exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex and Serum. Due to the extremely low transaction fees on Solana, users would only need to buy a small amount of SOL and send them to Sollet for use.

STEP 3: Solana Link [UPDATED]

For the current IDO, capital raising will be conducted on BSC. But tokens will be released to the user’s corresponding Solana wallet.

For the Oxbull team to track your Solana wallet address, Users will be required to update their Solana address on the Solana Link page before 1600UTC 2nd June to receive OXS coins after Token Generation.

Copy down the Solana Wallet address from your Sollet, ie:

Paste it onto Solana Link on Oxbull.Tech:

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please ensure that Solana Address is accurate as OXS will be credited to this address. Linking any other address apart from a Solana address may result in loss of Tokens.

STEP 4: Oxbull IDO

Token Generation of OXS on the Solana Mainnet is scheduled to be on the 2nd June 2021, 1700–1730 UTC.

Presale Price: 0.03BUSD

Listing Price:0.04BUSD

To find out more about how to participate in the IDO on the day itself, read here. Using the latest Smart Staking approach to Oxbull.Tech’s IDO model, Pre-sale would be categorized into 3 groups to be conducting on BSC:

Tier-1: Guaranteed High Allocation

For a High allocation and a Guaranteed participation of the OXS token, investors would be required to:

  • Enrolled Smart Stake for 8,000 OXB tokens


  • Enrolled Smart Stake for 4,000 OXB/BUSD LP

before 28th May 0000UTC and maintained until token generation event.

Qualified Investors will have a pre-allocated time of 9 hours on the 1st of June 1800UTC to contribute to the pre-sale pool.

Min contribution: 75BUSD, Max contribution: 300BUSD

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

Tier-2: Guaranteed Medium Allocation

For a Medium allocation of the OXS tokens, Investors who are keen to participate would be required to be:

  • Enrolled Smart Stake in between 1,000 OXB — 4,000 OXB before 28th May 0000UTC and maintained until token generation event.
  • For Investors who were late and missed the staking deadline, the Time lock farm shall be available up until 30th May 0000UTC, where Investors will still be allowed to participate in the IDO, subject to the staked OXB funds being locked for 7 days. Investors in the Time Lock farm will not earn APR.

Qualified Investors will have a pre-allocated time of 30 minutes to contribute to the pre-sale pool on the 2nd June between 1500–1530 UTC.

Min contribution: TBA, Max contribution: TBA

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

Tier-3: Whitelisting program

Whitelisting link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYyhsnMxyOy201pmSXeNW5tRjfbRMQXOksnl50v8gSvmjTGg/viewform

For a Small allocation of the OXS tokens, interested Investors will need to hold(Not Smart Stake) a minimum of 50 OXB in their wallet and complete a Whitelisting form and requirements by 2nd June 0000UTC to stand a chance to qualify for the IDO. Whitelisting qualification generally increases with more OXB held and the more active investors are on TG and Twitter.

The Pre-sale pool shall be opened to the qualified public after the allocated time for Tier 1 and Tier 2 investors end. Contributions are on a first come first serve(FCFS) basis on the 2nd June between 1530–1600 UTC.

Max contribution: 20BUSD

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Qualification of Tier-1 and 2 will require ENROLLING SMART STAKING. In the event where an Investor who has not enrolled in Smart Staking but has the required number of holdings SHALL NOT be eligible for the aforementioned tiers.

Smart Staked holdings are required to be maintained adequately until project listing. Any dips below the required holding amount will DISQUALIFY the investor for the project being launched at the time even if the investor has already contributed.

Each qualified address will only be eligible for ONE transaction. Meaning if an address is qualified for tier 1, they will not be qualified for tier 2.


BONUS AIRDROP: As a token of appreciation to all existing and early Tier1/ 2 supporters, the Oxbull Team shall also be giving an additional OXS “Airdrop” based on the first snapshot of OXB on the 28th May 2021.

Each Tier 1/2 Supporters will receive 1.25 OXS per OXB Smart Staked based on first snapshot on the 28th May 2021. Max cap per address: 8000 OXB for tier 1 and 4000 OXB for tier 2. Airdrop token will only be released after 15 days, 1 percent everyday through website claim. OXB minimum tier-qualification amount are required to be maintained during the claim period, those whose OXB holdings dip under the minimum qualification of the respective tier will no be eligible to receive “Airdrop”.

Token Generation would take place on Raydium, similar to PancakeSwap, users would need to add in the Token manually after the Contract Address is made available.

The IDO OXS would be credited 10–20 minutes after Token Generation in accordance to the Solana address provided in Solana Link.


Congratulations! you’ve now participated in Oxbull’s newest expansion. We’re excited for more projects to come as well as details on further plans and development.


Oxbull Telegram: https://t.me/Oxbull_tech

Oxbull Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oxbull5

Oxbull homepage: https://www.oxbull.tech/#/home

Sollet(Solana Wallet): https://www.sollet.io/

Raydium (Solana’s DEX): https://raydium.io/swap/

Solana Explorer: https://explorer.solana.com/


Our content is intended to be used as information and education purposes only. It is very essential to do your own research and analysis before doing any investment decision or otherwise. Do Your Own Research.

Oxbull.Tech shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damages and/or expenses and/or any losses you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information.

Any further arrangements between you and any third parties contacted via the Website/Affiliated links are at your sole risk.



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