Oxbull IDO Contribution Guide (2023)

3 min readJun 13, 2023


  1. Visit oxbull.tech
  2. Look for the the project to which the user intents to contribute.
  3. Click on the “Contribution” tab.
  4. User will be presented with difference pool with their respective eligibility status.


Depending on the situation, users may come across 4 different types of “Status” displayed within the Contribution tab:

  • AVAILABLE: User is eligible, Pool is open and ready for contribution
  • ELIGIBLE: User is eligible, Pool is not open just yet.
  • NOT ELIGIBLE: User does not meet the criteria to qualify for contribution
  • CONTRIBUTED: User has made a contribution to the project.


When the pool is open, users can simply input the contribution amount and click “Contribute”.

Approve the necessary transaction in wallet, and congratulations! You have successfully contributed.


Previously, users were only able to contribute once. However, users can now contribute multiple times as long as the aggregated amount contributed does not exceed the maximum allocation.

For example:

The screenshot below indicates that the user is eligible with a maximum allocation of 100 BUSD.

In the event where the user only decided to proceed with 50 BUSD during the first contribution but wants to contribute again subsequently, the user is able to simply input the desired amount and recontribute accordingly. Having said that, users will need to ensure that the subsequent contribution does not exceed the total allocated amount in the aggregate. To help with this, the team has also prepared a counter on the top left corner.

Once the user has exhausted the allocation, there will no longer be the option to contribute.

Last but not least, if you have any further queries, head on to the Telegram group for further assistance!

See you at the Moon!


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