OXB/OXS: World of Defish NFT Sale

4 min readDec 21, 2021


To buy World of Defish Land NFTs,

1. Hold OXB or Stake OXS before 27th December 2021, 0001 UTC.

2. Link BSC address if you qualify via OXS using the BSC-Solana Link.

3. head over to the pool page to buy on the 27th December 2021, 1400UTC onwards.

For full details, read on:


Website: https://worldofdefish.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldOfDefish
Telegram: https://t.me/worldofdefish
Telegram(announcement): https://t.me/DefishANN
Medium: https://medium.com/@worldofdefish

As the the Play-to-earn market is reported to now be worth more than $12 BILLION Market cap with approximately $5 BILLION in trading volume. Catching the wave of the market potential, World of Defish was created as a decentralized NFT gaming universe running on Binance.

The fully DOXXED team inspires to give users a journey to the most beautiful and mysterious places to hunt for collectible fish NFTs. It is a futuristic world with endless factions. Players can upgrade their equipment, improve their skills, buy territories, compete with other players, trade on the marketplace.

The owners earn passive income from all the catch that takes place in their territory For more info on the NFTs and the features, read the whitepaper here.

World of Defish Land NFTs

World of Defish is a huge world with endless beauty, deep oceans, azure seas, dangerous rivers, and peaceful lakes. Each of them has its own inhabitants and its own secrets.

A total of 10,000 NFT Lands will exist in the World of Defish. Each with different size, fish NFTs available and WOD production.

As a land owner, users will be able to define rules and conditions for fishing in your area. The main income will consist of commissions from:

  • Every time someone mines WOD in your land
  • Every time a catch is made

Other advantages, especially for Special Lands which are currently considered EXCLUSIVE with limited supply includes:

  • Increased production of $WOD.
  • Increased chances of catching rare NFT fish
  • A special set of NFT fish that is available only in these areas.
  • Increased production of materials for crafting.
  • Increased maximum commission (in ordinary Lands, owners can not set a commission higher than 40%, EXLCUSIVE Lands allow users to set a catch commission up to 100%)
  • EXCLUSIVE land owners can set a Land entrance fee
  • EXCLUSIVE Lands are always at the top of the list

Land NFT Sale

World of Defish Lands divided into 6 different tires, this is a general definition of the value of a land and the location in which it is located.

Contribution Approach

The Virtual Lands will be sold VIA WHOLE UNITS. There are currently only the following limited units available via Oxbull.Tech:

  • 50 Defish Tier-2 Land @ 3 BNB each (Market price to be 5BNB)
  • 25 Defish Tier-1 Land @ 6 BNB each (Market price to be 9 BNB)
  • 5 Defish Special Land @ 15 BNB each (Market price to be 20 BNB)

The NFT sale will only be opened to both OXB and OXS Tier-1, Tier-2 qualifiers. Please ensure that you hold the minimum required token amounts by the 27th December 2021, 0001 UTC. Details of qualifying criteria are as follows:

Tier-1 and 2 Qualifying Deadline: 27th December 2021, 0001 UTC
For OXS Qualifiers, please link your BSC and Solana Wallet address via: https://www.oxbull.tech/#/bsc-link
Purchase Limit per wallet: ONE per Unique Address for each category

Contribution Schedule

The Contribution pool will open on the 27th December 2021, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED AND WHILST STOCKS LAST for:

  • Defish Tier-2 Land: 1400 onwards
    For All OXB and OXS Tier-1 and Tier-2 Qualifiers to Contribute.
  • Defish Tier-1 Land: 1430 onwards
    For All OXB and OXS Tier-1 and Tier-2 Qualifiers to Contribute.
  • Defish Special Land: 1500 onwards
    For All OXB and OXS Tier-1 and Tier-2 Qualifiers to Contribute.

Minting Details for successful contributions to be announced.

IMPORTANT NOTES: In view of the High Demand and Limited quantities, please note that:

  • Please ensure that the CORRECT amount is made during contribution for the intended NFT. Any VARIANCE or DISCREPANCIES in the price will automatically disqualify your contribution. No NFTs will be available for incorrect contribution.
  • Contributions are on First Come, First Serve. There are no guaranteed allocations.
  • Sales are only for WHOLE UNITS. Qualifiers are unable to purchase a portion of the NFT(ie: half of an NFT)


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