OXB: NOMAD EXILES (New- IDO ROUND. Private round concluded.)

3 min readMar 20, 2022
Announcing the new IDO round!


To support and buy Nomad Exiles, a Medieval/Sci-Fi play-to-earn RPG game with different multiplayer mechanics.

1. Hold the minimum required OXB amount for Smart-Stake before 27th March 2022, 0001 UTC.

2. head over to the BSC pool page to buy on the 27th March 2022, 1630UTC onwards.

For full details, read on:


Website: https://pridemetaverse.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NomadExiles
Discord: https://discord.gg/HRPxS6Xm8a
Telegram: https://t.me/NomadExilesChat
Telegram(announcement): https://t.me/NomadExiles
Medium: https://medium.com/@Nomad-Exiles

The Doxxed team behind Nomad Exiles have found that the Blockchain games have been lackluster and pales in comparison when in comparison with their traditional counterparts. Eager to prove a point, they’ve created Nomad Exiles, a new generation blockchain game that offers players various opportunities and Play-to-Earn mechanics with an emphasis on high-quality gameplay.

Nomad Exile is a classic multiplayer RPG with elements that are perfectly familiar to all fans of the genre:

  • Unique characters
  • loads of game character classes
  • Advanced character leveling system
  • A plethora of weapons, armor, magical artifacts and unique relics
  • Epic PvE Dungeons
  • Tactical PvP battles

In every element of the gameplay, players get the opportunity to earn valuable tokens — Nomad Exiles aims to blur the lines between a viable source of income and entertainment.

For more details about the project and gameplay, read the Gitbook here.


Total $PRIDE Supply: 250,000,000

  • Private Sale: 13.8%, 5% to be released during Token Generation, followed by a 4 month lock and subsequent quarterly vesting over a period of 12 months (for Private Round 3)
  • Public Sale: 9.2%, 10% to be released during Token Generation, followed by 10% release each subsequent month
  • Liquidity: 0.5%, Locked
  • Airdrop for early adopters: 0.5%
  • Team: 14%, Locked for 12 months, followed by 10% release each subsequent months
  • Advisors and Influencers: 1%, Locked for 12 months, followed by 10% release each subsequent months
  • In-game mechanics and rewards: 60%
  • Market-Making: 1%, 25% release each quarter

Private Round 3 Price: $0.07
IDO Price: $0.1
Listing Price: $0.20

Listing is currently being planned on the 30th March 2022 with an estimated initial Market Cap of $369,720

Participating in the IDO (NEW ROUND)

To find out more about how to participate in the IDO on the day itself, read here. Using the Smart Staking approach to Oxbull.Tech’s IDO model, The IDO details as follows:

Tier-1 and 2 Qualifying Deadline: Hold OXB by 27th March, 0001UTC
Tier-1 Contribution: 27th March 2022
Tier-2 and 3 Contribution: 28th March 2022
Tier-3 Gleam Link: https://gleam.io/eU8V8/oxb-whitelist-nomad-exile
Contribution opens here:https://www.oxbull.tech/#/presale

Participating in the Private Round [CONCLUDED]


The current Private round is only open to existing OXB Tier-1 and Tier-2 Diamond Hand (Held the minimum amount of OXB without selling for the past 5 IDOs).
Contribution details are as follows:

Tier-1 and 2 DIAMOND HANDS Contribution: 22nd March 2022, 1630UTC
Contribution opens here:https://www.oxbull.tech/#/presale


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