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Arbitrum has definitely one of the fastest-growing user base in the current crypto landscape and from the looks of things, is in the lead in Ethereum’s developing layer 2 landscape. Arbitrum utilizes transaction rollups to compile and settle batches of transactions on Ethereum as a solution to the chain’s otherwise poor efficiency and high execution costs while maintaining Ethereum’s excellent security measures.

To find out more about Arbitrum, and what problem does it aim to solve, check out this article from CMC here.


With rapid transaction growth and a robust developer friendly environment, The Oxbull team believes that this is one of the best time to step-up, and is looking to help expand the growing adoption and support projects developing on the Arbitrum blockchain.

Implementing F5 in Arbitrum

Arbitrum is an excellent platform designed with ease-of-use in mind. Being Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, this makes things easy for existing developers to continue building as they will not need to learn a new language before building on Arbitrum. Whilst this is great, it unfortunately also allows bad actors to hop onto Arbitrum with ease and replicate existing scamming schemes.

Where Arbitrum aims to provide solutions to Ethereum’s speed and efficiency challenges, Oxbull aims to position our unique F5 model to help increase accountability and establish trust.

As an overview, The F5 framework is essentially about supporting projects with less than 5 team members to grow from a microcap of 0.5m FDV to 5M FDV valuation in 50 days with 5,000 fanatic community users through 5 keys milestones.

In addition to Anti-bot measures during launch day, all IDO funds raised under the F5 framework will be held by the Oxbull team, to only be released upon successful achievement of a pre-defined milestone, hence reducing the probability of a rug.

To learn more about the F5 framework, read here.
To learn more about the F5 Transparency Horn, read here.
To learn more about the F5 Oxbull Immunity, read here.

The pipelines are rapidly developing!
Stay tuned for upcoming partnership news and IDOs in the near future.

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