Get Lucky with the Oxbull IDO Raffle: A Chance for All

Tired of being too late to the IDO and missing out on fulfilling the required staking time?

Not enough OXB to stake?

🔥Introducing the Oxbull IDO Raffle, a lottery system that aims to provide OXB holders A CHANCE TO WIN!! ONE lucky winner will walk away with a TIER-2 SLOT of the IDO during the time of the draw.

Whilst providing a fun and fair approach irrespective of one’s holding capital, the raffle will also function as a deflationary mechanism for OXB tokens, further creating value and utility for the Oxbull token.

The Raffle Mechanism

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

To stand a chance to win and participate in the IDO Raffle, users will simply need to purchase Raffle Tickets with OXB.

One Raffle Ticket is currently priced at 3 OXB tokens and there’s no limit to the number of tickets a user can buy. Users may stand a higher chance of winning the Raffle with more ticket entries. The tickets shall be unique to each user’s wallet address and if randomly chosen during the lottery Draw, the owner of the address chosen will win a Tier-2 Slot to contribute during the IDO.

Tickets are only valid for ONE draw. Subsequently after each IDO draw:

80% of the OXB proceeds from the IDO Raffle will go into the Staking rewards pool, and

20% of the OXB proceeds from the IDO Raffle will be burned.

How to join the Raffle

1.Head on to the Raffle page here.

2. Make sure you read the Important Note, then click “I understand and proceed”.

3. Input the amount of tickets or select the Preset amounts to buy under “Purchase Ticket” and click “Buy” to confirm. Follow through with the instructions on the wallet and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

SIMPLE! You now have a chance to win the Raffle!

You will also be able to see the live timer until lottery draw and also the amount of tickets you have versus the amount of tickets purchased in the pool.

Good luck!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do note that buying tickets does not guarantee winning the Raffle. All Ticket purchases are final and non refundable.

Each address shall still be governed by one transaction per address when contributing for the IDO. For example, a Tier-1 Guaranteed Wallet address will not be allowed to contribute again for Tier-2 even if it is the winning address.

Winners will then be given a chance to contribute to the IDO following the Tier-2 details of the IDO being launched during the time of draw.

The Winning address is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash/tokens.



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