Feature Artist: Mojgan Mirza

Mar 14, 2021


Introducing Oxbull.Tech’s First Feature Artist, Mojgan Mirza!

Mojgan is a concept artist who has worked on many games and TV series with multiple studios.

Her work can be found across the galaxy from ArtStation all the way to Steam Games. A few of her feature works can be seen below:

This is an illustration for the book, The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet. Link to the book here

Mojgan shall also be contributing specifically to the NFTs on the Space Store. Be part of the next wave of Art collecting, and support artists that support our community. Find out more about Mojgan’s works here:

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/mozhganmirzaei7

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mojgan_m83?igshid=1w2z1k7jsy74y

Reach out to Mojgan: Mojgan.mirza@yahoo.com

To find out more about Oxbull.Tech’s Artist Program, Reach out:

Email: Info@oxbull.tech