CATCOIN Refund: The way moving forward

2 min readJul 18, 2023

Following the misalignment of the project expectation and development milestones, a community centric solution to move forward has now been established between Oxbull and the Catcoin project owner.

Catcoin shall be parting ways with Oxbull and the project will be relaunched independently.

For all original Oxbull contributors, there will be a form of “refund” made available depending on the following scenarios:

For those who have claimed vesting and are currently staking but have yet to sell any tokens, the group that you belong to will be determined by your unstaked CATCOIN percentage.

Claimed CATCOIN percentage — Staked CATCOIN percentage = Unstaked CATCOIN percentage

For example: If an investor had claimed 40% CATCOIN token and 30% are currently being staked, the unstaked CATCOIN percentage = 10%.
Which means, said investor would fall within Group 2.

The “refund” will only utilize a portion of the total funds raised, whilst the remaining portion of the fees raised will be utilised for the marketing of Catcoin’s tokens next as a win-win situation for the community who still holds Catcoin and for the project’s next phase ahead. The community can refer to Catcoin’s official TG channels for subsequent development. Please be advised that the timeline of the ONE-TIME “refund” will be as follows:

Oxbull’s involvement with Catcoin shall cease following the Burning of the remaining locked Catcoin tokens. All operations, including but not limited to contract preparation, token listing/ swapping, the management and development of the subsequent Catcoin project will be fully controlled by the project itself.

For further news of the Airdrop and LP development, follow the official Oxbull TG Channel here.

When projects behave negligently, the crypto community suffers. Whilst Oxbull regrets that the project was not able to align itself and achieve the milestones intended, Oxbull stands by the decision of adhering to the original structure of F5 in efforts of maintaining integrity.

Oxbull wishes the Catcoin team well in their future endeavors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ONE TIME REFUND shall not be binding on Oxbull as a precedent for the future on the same or related matters. All F5 project shall continue to follow the framework unless stated or predefined otherwise.